About Us

How we came to be...

It was a beautiful spring afternoon when "North Sea" Phil Roberts and Anjanette "AJ" Dawes, devoted listeners/followers/cultees of the "Jazz Vibes" program hosted by Ginger Dee, agreed to help out with Jazz 91.9fm WCLK's spring pledge drive during her show in 2005. From the moment they all met, they "Cliqued".

In between taking pledge calls, Phil would share his memorable moments of past North Sea Jazz Festivals. All the volunteers were captivated with his vivid recollection of performances, so everyone vowed to accompany him on the next adventure. Over the years, the three would keep in touch periodically, but always ending their encounter with "don't forget, North Sea in 2007!".

On May 5, 2006 at a concert featuring Atlanta recording artist, Heratio, at Apache Cafe, the Clique officially became one. Hanging out that night was legendary and as they say in show business "the rest is history"!

Why We Are

To inform Atlanta about Jazz music

  • Provide information regarding local live performances
  • Support artists residing in Atlanta present their sound
  • Review performances, CDs, and venues
  • Provide an insight into the history of jazz and jazz legends.

Who We Are

Lateef Baaset

Ginger Dee

Anjanette Dawes

Jay Edwards

Phil Roberts